Jake and his team at ‘Fly Away Recording + Media Studio’ have an innate ability to capture the vision and sound of artists in a relaxed
creative environment that nourishes and stimulates the best results possible. I found his production style to be versatile & adaptable to numerous brands and genres. Throughout our time working together he showed great ingenuity and initiative. Diligent with time, highly skilled and committed to his work
Jake is simply one of the best producers I have had the pleasure of working with.
-Michael D’Arcy – Corner Boy (http://cornerboy.org)
Award winning and critically acclaimed singer songwriter, Ireland.

I have had the pleasure of working with Jake on a number of projects, including music videos, songs and a photo shoot. My magic business was able to grow exponentially with his expertise and the quality of his services were fantastic. In my live shows, I use 3 songs that he assisted in writing and producing and now sell these in CD format at my merchandise table after I get off stage. The accompanying music videos which he filmed and edited have helped my social media presence online grow and have garnered a new kind of fan base, outside of just magic. As well, the photos he captured of me have now become my main promotional pieces and have been featured in festival brochures throughout Canada. Jake is one of the hardest working people I have ever met and I would highly recommend him to any young entertainer starting out in the business. – Rylan Schwarze, CEO of Ry Guy Magic www.ryguymagic.com

Working w/ Jake was an experience that has helped me a lot. He helped me understand some terminology that I never knew, and his ability to engineer sound has gotten better more x more as we worked together. He’s patient x always willing to help others who are trying to chase their dream$. If you want someone who’s going to give you full attention x honest feedback x a quality sound, hit my dude up. #X10 – Patrik

One word to describe Jake… Genius. I met Jake through a friend when I was starting my music career. I never thought he’d take me this far. Like most musicians I had a dream. We all have dreams, it takes guidance to achieve your dreams. Jake isn’t just my producer, Jake is my teacher, my confidence, my success but most importantly my friend. Not only did he put me on the right path but he tells me where to step upon the path to ensure greatness. Anyone can record your music to a certain point, not everyone can make you reach your goals. It takes a very special person who understands you to make your dream a possibility. Already, interviews worldwide, thousands of fans, thousands of views and many shows have been the outcome of Jake. This University graduate knows how to make your dreams happen. Thank you for everything Jake. -Brendan Hamel ”King. B”

Jake is basically everything you want from a recording engineer and more. Not only is he perceptive, down to earth and understanding of ideas. He’s hands on and gets the job done the way you want it. Definitely a go to guy for any professional music/video/production. Can’t wait to keep working with him and growing as an artist. – FullMoonWolves

J’ai commencé mon expérience de studio avec Production FlyAway ( Jake ) il y a de cela quelques mois … Et je peut dire jusqu’a présent , que je suis très surpris du niveau de professionalisme auquel je fais face . C’est une personne ouverte d’esprit avec qui le travail n’est jamais ennuyant , produire un album dans un ambiance chaleureux et hyper créatif c’est le meilleure moyens d’obtenir ce à quoi vous vous attendiez de mieux ! Je vous conseil Production FlyAway … Jake c’est un vrai pro ! RockOn xx -Philippe Jeanson

Jake doesn’t just give you what you pay for, they give you way more. The sound quality is perfection and they charge a fraction of the price of a typical studio. Out of all the studios I’ve recorded in, this is by far my favourite; great people and a great final product. -Jay Remi

Going into the studio I was a nervous wreck, but Jake cleared that up for me instantly. His work is efficient and he always has my intentions and preferences in mind. He doesn’t just do it for the money; he works hard to make your aspirations a reality. -Abby G.

I was the type of guy who thought I, by myself could start my music career at home with a good microphone and a decent computer, a lot of people have that state of mind and I learned the hard way it doesn’t work that way! I met Jake through a post on Facebook a while ago after my 7th Attempt of recording my first album by myself. It was before he had moved into his new studio. At first I had my doubts about his skill in producing so we set up a free consultation to discuss the project I had in mind and almost instantaneously Jake had changed my mind from doubt to trusting him with my first ever EP. The speed at which he comes up with ideas is amazing whether it thinking up a melody, harmony or lyrics for a song it is always on point and fits right in! After completing my first album at an incredible speed and level of professionalism I am without a doubt going back for my second and already planning my third with Jake! – Kevin Skies

So I just did a three hour session with Jake and it was the best! Honestly, he was super nice, really supportive and I really appreciated the way he worked! He was fast but didn’t rush understood what you wanted and did what needed to be done to make you sound the best! I am for sure going back for another session!!! If you want your dreams to become a reality then you know Jake is the guy to get the job done!! – Carissa

So, my first time in the studio. I’m gonna be completely honest, I was SOOOO scared when it came to stepping in because I’ve never been introduced to such an environment. But once I got to know Jake a little better, everything just fell into place as it should’ve. I was comfortable, all my nerves were shed in a split second once I stepped up to the microphone and started recording. Not to mention that it didn’t take much time for me to warm up either because of how easy going Jake is. The advice and comments that he would tell me were encouraging and empowering. And those are a few things I can never forget. As for me being an aspiring musician, I know that he looks for things that would help me benefit my career and he would be glad to help me pursue it. I can’t wait to go back and make more movements to help this dream come true, and I know that can definitely happen with Fly Away Recording + Media Studio and  Kings & Kites Productions. – Knia Scarlett

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