**Make sure to put each video in 1080p HD definition
(Use the gear button at the bottom right of each youtube video)

Zach Zoya – Who Dat  (Recorded, Mixed and Mastered) (Premiered on Noisey & Vice: https://noisey.vice.com/en_us/article/bjpxpw/zach-zoya-who-dat-video-premiere)


Superficial – Zach Zoya (Recording + Editing) (Spotify Mixing & Mastering Version)

Waking Up – Something Like Kites

NastyNate – Good Life (Ft. VANZ) (Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Filming & Video Editing all in studio!)

My Weakness – Something Like Kites (Official Visualizer)

Don’t Give Me Up – Something Like Kites (Official Visualizer)

Stay Up -Something Like Kites X Zach Zoya (Official Visualizer)

Memo – Something Like Kites (Official Visualizer)

Let Me Go Home – Something Like Kites (Official Visualizer)

I Miss You While You Sleep Next To Me – Something Like Kites (Official Visualizer)

Balada Boa – Jason Coroa (Cover) (In Studio Music Video)


Someone Like You – Something Like Kites (Official Visualizer)

No Worries – Something Like Kites (Official Visualizer)

Corrupts My System – Something Like Kites (Official Visualizer)

Forgetting Forevermore – Something Like Kites (Official Visualizer)

Fallin’ – Something Like Kites & NastyNate (Official Visualizer)

I’m Sorry – Something Like Kites

Rock On – Philippe Jeanson

Green Screen – Écran Vert

Piece Of Me – Alex Arbour

Burnout – Green Day Tribute Band (Revolution Radio)

Hillsides – FullMoonWolves

Who Are You? – TeeWhy (Ft. King. B) (Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Filming, Editing & Effects)

No Way Out (Part 1) -Short Film (Filming, Editing, Colouring, Post Sound Engineering)

Part 2:


King. B – Sometimes

S’aimer Pour Dreamer – Philippe Jeanson

Running For Days – FullMoonWolves

Promesses – Shrill Boy (Feat. Tamara)

Call Me Crazy – FullMoonWolves (Recording, Production, Mixing, Mastering)

Elastic Heart – Sia (Jess Nicholas Cover)


SummerTime Madness – King. B


Hanane Space – La Relève (Trap-Rap-Français)


Christmas Cheers – King. B

The One – Something Like Kites

Histoire Sans Fin – Philippe Jeanson

Hotline Bling – Carissa (Cover)

Sorry – Justin Bieber (Cover by FullMoonWolves)

Lovers & Sinners – FullMoonWolves (Live Video)

The 27 Club – Prolific (Only Camera Operator)

Forever – Something Like Kites

From Above – King. B (Ft. Adamo Simeone & Shawn Melo)

Never Ending Story – Something Like Kites

I Would – Something Like Kites (Ft. Graeme Buchanan)


In My Heart You’ll Stay- Something Like Kites

Tribute to the passing away of a loved one.


Do You Remember – Something Like Kites


Confidence King. B (15 Year Old Inspirational Rapper)

Seen You Before – Something Like Kites

In My Arms – Something Like Kites

Pop/Rock/Sing-Rap/Fun/ Electro/ Girls/Indie

You-Something Like Kites

Wait For Me – Something Like Kites

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